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"My face is brighter & also I feel a difference in my skin. It’s a lifechanger, I’ve been using it for about a week and a half. My dark marks are clearing up and it clears any acne I have in days!"

M.W   (Seamoss Bar Review)

"I have been using the body butter everyday since I bought it and it has been working very good ! I get seasonal eczema when it’s about to start getting cold outside so from September to March and it’s hard for me to find a good moisturizer to keep my skin from drying out, but your body butter has been working really well I haven’t been drying out or itching from the eczema. I’m definitely gonna be buying more from you and I also love the lip gloss it keeps my lips moisturized a very long time !
Your body butter is better than coconut oil that I normally use to keep my skin from drying out"

K.K   (Melanin Glow & Lipgloss Review)

"I love it my face is soooo moisturized I’m used to exfoliants drying out my skin but it’s the opposite my face is so smooth and moisturized I love it"

A.A      (O'honey Turmeric Facial Scrub)

"It works Mircales"

D.P   (Turmeric Seamoss Bar Review)

"I loveeeee the seamoss bar soap ! it leaves my skin glowing and smooth , I also have been using the tumeric scrub on my lips and I definitely can tell the difference!"

A.K    ( Seamoss Bar & Foaming O'honey Turmeirc Scrub)

"Girl that soap is doing wonderful on my husband face ! He’s acne is clearing up so good."

S.W   (Turmeric Seamoss Bar)

"Im loving your products. I know I've only been using them a couple of days but swear, it seems like I can already see a difference. And your packaging is soooo cute!"

B.L (Turmeric Seamoss Bar & Foaming O'honey Scrub)

"I just wanted to say i'm in love so far. My face is so soft, this oil is everything. My face has stayed moisturized ALL DAY. The body butter is the truth as well. My boyfriend been using it too."

D.L  (O'honey Turmeric Facial Scrub, Seamoss Bar, Turmeric Oil, and Melanin Glow Facial/Bodybutter)

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