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Policies at Royal De Luxe Cosmetics

In today's online shopping market, honesty is the best policy. This is why we designed the fairest and most transparent store policy for our customers. The following sections will provide knowledge on shipping, refunds, and personal data. 


All orders are subject to PROCESSING TIME which is 1-10 business days.

All products will be shipped between Monday and Wednesday each week. If orders are placed after 8am Wednesday they will be shipped the following week. Each order should be delivered within 3-4 days after receiving tracking number. 

Unfortunately, we are not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen items.
Once orders leave our headquarters, they are under the responsibility of USPS with official record being your USPS tracking information. All customers claiming damaged, lost or theft will be required to submit a claim directly with USPS and follow their instructions. If theft is suspected, it may be a more serious problem of an insecure shipping location.  



Please do NOT hesitate to reach out to address any questions or concerns. 


Personal Data:

The customer's personal information will be used for business purposes only. Any emails or phone numbers received are subject to send informational or promotional advertisment. We are not responsible for any SMS fees while receiving automatic messages. 


PLEASE NOTE: We are not medical professionals and our products do not cure any skin conditions. Our products only promote healing. Please be aware that results may vary from person to person. Our products have not been approved by the FDA.

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